beating addiction
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Beating Addiction

Beating Addiction When the Holiday Blues Are Getting You Down Whenever Christmas and New Year’s come around and all the other holidays that surround it, it’s easy to get bogged down in feeling alone or depressed. This is especially true…
graduation to sober living

Graduation to Sober Living

Graduation to Sober Living Properties After graduating from a drug rehab center, what should your next steps be? Any type of abuse has the potential to leave lives in shattered remains. Many addicts lose their jobs, relationship, friends…
sober life
living a sober life
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Sober Living Life

Sober Living Sober living is life changing to say the least.  There are so many advantages to a sober life, aside from the obvious health benefits.  No two addicts are the same and some experience all of these benefits when adjusting to…
Sober Living Environment
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Sober Safe Enviroment

Sober Safe Environment One of the most important factors in the success of an addict’s treatment is a sober safe environment in which to recover.  These sober living properties provide a safe, controlled environment away from the daily…
Halfway House Salt Lake City
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Halfway House Salt Lake City: Recovery From Addiction

As exciting as it is to have completed a rehab program, the transition between treatment and returning to one’s home community can present certain challenges to recovery. While being anxious to get back home to familiar surroundings is understandable,…
drug addiction in Utah
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Drug Addiction in Utah and Treatment Options

When considering drug overdose rates in the U.S., the state of Utah poses somewhat of a quandary. Utah is home to the Mormon Church of the Latter Day Saints, a faith belief system that strictly forbids the use of any substance, even sodas and…
Outpatient Addiction Treatment Utah
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Outpatient Addiction Treatment Utah

When a substance use disorder takes over a person’s life there comes a point when he or she will stop and say, “enough.” This moment of truth may arrive after the devastating consequences of addiction have piled up, such as the loss of…
Outpatient Addiction Treatment Utah
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Community in Sober Living

Community in Sober Living John Donne once wrote his Meditation, “No man is an island…every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”. A man or woman who is on the journey of treatment and recovery for addiction cannot travel…
Outpatient Addiction Treatment Utah
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Being Honest

Being honest with ourselves During the course of our life, we have all at some time encountered someone who was not completely honest with us. In fact, if we are being truly honest right now, lies are a part of every addict’s life. Lies…