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Beating Addiction When the Holiday Blues Are Getting You Down

Whenever Christmas and New Year’s come around and all the other holidays that surround it, it’s easy to get bogged down in feeling alone or depressed. This is especially true when you’re in recovery and struggling to keep yourself together. Beating addiction when those holiday blues seep into your being is possible, and it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. As the holiday season ends and Valentine’s Day comes around the corner, you won’t feel so lonely with just these few tools to help you get past it all.

It’s not about coping its about Beating Addiction

Beating addiction is living with it while it’s still eating away at you every day. It’s a feeling that many addicts get in the beginning, and its okay to feel this way but it’s also important to know that it’s not what recovery is all about. Coping is something you can get past to a point where you are beating addiction and not just living with it breathing down your neck.

This step becomes even more difficult when everyone around you is celebrating and embracing loved ones, and you feel very alone and depressed about your life. When this happens, don’t rely on coping mechanisms that haven’t worked but instead look forward to the day when you’ll beat it completely. Imagine what it will feel like when it all gets easier.

Do Something for You

When those holiday blues roll around and it feels like there’s no one around to help you get your spirits up, do something for yourself. Go out for a pedicure (yes, even if you’re a man), learn a new skill, take a class, craft something beautiful, take yourself out for a movie, or cook a fancy meal for one. Dress up, do your hair, wear jewelry that makes you feel good. Addiction gives you that rush whenever you feed it and beating addiction is about finding healthy ways to feel that rush.

The Movement of Beating Addiction

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a yoga practice or a run (or a walk if you’re not up for that) to help you get past the depressing feelings that can set in around the holidays when you’re in recovery. Take a drive down a street with pretty lighting displays, stand out in the snow in the moonlight, and remember the things about the holidays that used to make you happy. Embrace those feelings and don’t ever let the blues keep you down! Do whatever works best to help you beating addiction.

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