living a sober life

Sober Living

Sober living is life changing to say the least.  There are so many advantages to a sober life, aside from the obvious health benefits.  No two addicts are the same and some experience all of these benefits when adjusting to a sober life.  These life changing benefits are pervasive in all recovering addicts though each to a varying degree.

Most will feel they have more time.  Time spent on drugs or trying to find drugs is time you will never get back.  Sober living is life changing in that you get those hours back and can enjoy them with friends, family or just yourself bettering your life.  Many drunken or stoned hours or days are simply lost and never remembered.  Living sober can reclaim those hours and they can be spent and cherished.

With that extra time, many recovering addicts become more productive.  Sober living is life changing in that you have more time to dedicate to bettering yourself through classes, reading, or going back to school.   Reclaiming those potentially productive hours can be a life changing experience.

There is a genuine presence of increased physical energy when living a sober life.  When you are not consistently high, drunk or hung-over, it will be amazing how much better you feel overall.  Combined with the previous two symptoms of living a sober life, you will be surprised at the great feeling of waking up fresh every day with a full tank of gas.

Sober living is life changing in that you will feel better mentally as well as physically.  Removing the depressants and euphoric feelings from the roller coaster of drugs and alcohol generates a sense of calm and steadfastness.  This also flows into more meaningful relationships.  When you are sober, your relationships tend to be more meaningful and long-lasting.

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