Living a sober life means different things to different people. At its core it means to maintain one’s recovery while making life affirming changes.  By living a sober life, we lessen the likelihood of a relapse.  Using a 12 step program to get sober is one of the many methods for achieving that goal, maintaining the sobriety can be done with the support of meetings and counselors as well as residential treatment facilities.


One of the missteps people going through drug or alcohol recovery make is simply eliminating the substance from their lives without making any other adjustments to their perspective or lifestyle. Without reflecting on their past lives and integrating patterns of personal and spiritual growth, often times they end up just replacing one addiction for another.  While they may not drink, perhaps now they smoke or gamble.  The objective of a sober life is to incorporate the treatment program throughout the many facets of our lives.


Once a person has been through recovery, their life is not just magically restored back to “brand new”. There are still emotional, relational, financial and sometimes legal problems that are going to have to be dealt with.  All recovering addicts will face challenges after recovery and the tools learned in a sober living facility will give them the confidence to take on these challenges.   The tools learned and the support of others living a sober life are enough to guide the person to the best and healthiest solutions to whatever life may throw their way.


Sober life looks very different from the addicted life. The most successful sober people are those that, after rehabilitation and recovery, work the system they were taught and develop healthy sober habits.  Being honest with people and with their emotions is one of the main staples of a sober life.  Reaching out, avoiding isolation and utilizing support groups and meetings are all ways to increase the likelihood of remaining sober and healthy.  Exercise programs, eating healthy foods and utilizing positive self-talk and self-affirming behaviors are all techniques that help increase the success rate of those aiming for a sober life.

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