Leaning on My Optimistic Friends

Leaning On My Optimistic Friends

While on my journey to sobriety, leaning on my optimistic friends has taught me a lot of life’s lessons. Most importantly, lean and lean often. While it’s really nice to say “I have friends”, it’s also paralyzing because I know that I am routinely letting them down. I feel as though I am always taking and not giving anything back to my friends. My therapist and members of my group are telling me that it’s okay and it won’t be a permanent thing. The support that my friends give me sometimes feels like it comes with a price. As much as I want to deliver “great news” about my recovery, more days than not, there is nothing to report but the reality of the challenges that I face. Having this “crew” in the wings waiting for things to happen in a really quick fashion places a lot of pressure on me, self-inflicted pressure.

Some Days When I Wake Up

There are some days when I wake up the only thing that gets me through the day is knowing that my loved ones and friends really do care and love me. They want me to succeed and find happiness. I am getting better at finding the courage to talk honestly and openly about my challenges and the struggles I face with my friends. Sometimes all need to hear is “you’re doing an amazing job, keep going, you’ve got this.”

While I’ve come from such a lonely and quite place of isolation, I’m learning through teachings about self-care that I have come a long way. The all-around support that I receive each day is helping me to break down the barriers that have always kept me from sobriety.

Your Great Value and Worth

It might appear as though I don’t always value my friends and loved ones as I continue to try and isolate myself, but please know of your great value and worth!